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Festivalul international „SAN NICANDRO GARGANICO” – Italia

| 28/11/2012



Via U. Giordano, 14 – San Nicandro Garganico (FG) – Italy

Tel /Fax: +39 0882 4716 36  –



Article 1 – Finality

1. The event promotes a meeting and a cultural exchange of experiences between students, teachers, parents and school managers of theItalianNational Parks, European and non-Europeans and between with those not part of the Parks.

2. Demonstrate how music is an essential component that gives meaning to all forms of art.

Article 2 – Participants

May attend school pupils of all levels enrolled in a state school or no state school year 2012/2013.

Article 3 – Sections – Music protagonist in …

Section 01 – Folklore of peoples (traditional costumes, songs and dances): Annex „C”;

Section 02 – Dance (classical and modern): Annex „C”;

Section 03 – Instrumental groups (pop or classical): Annex „C”;

Section 04 – Singing (individual singers pop music or classical music): Annex „C”;

Section 05 – Choral groups): Annex „C”;

Section 06 – Gospel Choirs: Annex „D”;

Section 07 – Musicals and Operettas: Exhibit „F”;

Section 08 – Fashion Shows (for schools with fashion section): Annex „C”;

Section 09 – Parade participants to Ideal Girl: Annex „E”;

Section 10 – Parade participants to Ideal Boy: Anne”E”;

Section 11 – Video (theme of the video is free: Annex „B”;

Section 12 – School Newspaper: Annex „A”.

Article 4 – Enrollment

1. Enrollment is free.

2. To participate in the selection must be sent.:

a) – The DVD (not CD) with the performance;

b) – The Annex to Section choice.

3. Each school can participate in one or more sections. For each section, you must send a DVD (not CD) and an Annex.

4. The inscription (DVD and Annex  must be received by February 16, 2013 to:

A.N.A.P.I.E. via Umberto Giordano, 14-71015 – San Nicandro Garganico (FG) – Italy

Article 5 – Admission

1. The Artistic Commission before 28 February 2013 will deliver to the President a list of schools admitted  at the 11th International Festival of the School to be held in San Nicandro Garganico 16 to 20 April 2013.

2. Admission will be communicated to schools via e-mail (Each school must provide your e-mail address on the application form, legibly (in capital letters).

Article 6 – Awards

1. All schools participating in the Festival are entitled at first prize.

2. Awards for schools: Scroll of 1st prize and a cup or plate.

3. Awards to students: Certificate of Merit in recognition of artistic performance breakthrough.

4. Prizes must be collected from the schools or their representatives with written authorization on the evening of the award.

5. Prizes not collected will not be shipped.

Article 7 – Development of the Festival

1. the XI Festival will take place at the Campus ANAPIE „Service Center Arianna Club” – Lido del Sole – Rhodes Garganico (FG) – Italy 16 to 20 April 2013.

2. Schools must do the exams and performances in the days between 16 and 20 April, according to the following schedule:

a) – rehearsal: from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm on all days of the event;

b) – Shows:        1° Round :   from 16.00 to 19.00:

2nd Round: from 21.00 to 23.00 hours:

3. During the exhibition a committee will select the groups that you have to exhibit the final evening of the award ceremony 20.04.2013. The groups not selected will still receive the 1st prize.

4.Durata performance: Groups up to 15 minutes; Single up to 6 minutes.

5. The singers can use the backing tracks.

6. All performances will be broadcast live-streaming on the channel that will be announced the week before the Festival

Article 8 – Conference on the importance of music in schools

April 19, 2013

- 9:00 am Conference: „The importance of music in the school.”  The subject will be discussed by experts.  Students, teachers, school administrators will be able to take the floor to bring the experience gained in their school;

- 16.00 „Music in the fashion show” by schools with Sections Fashion;

- 18.00 to 19.00 hours The music emphasizes the Election of the Ideal Girl and of the Ideal Boy 2013;

- 21.30 hours on „Schol’s Party” reserved only to participants in the 11th International Festival of the School.

Article 9 – Cost of the Participation

1. The costs of travel and subsistence (accommodation and meals) and expenses of any kind for participation in the 11th International Festival of School 2013, shall be borne by the participants.

2. The A. N.A.P.I.E. will signal to the participants the hotels who practice price reductions during the Festival.

The ANAPIE, has pledged with Zangardi Tours for the management of the hotel accommodation of all participants in the Festival according to the following packages:

Packages for participants:

– From 3 days onwards = € 36.00 per participant per day including full board;

– 2 days = € 42.00 per participant per day including full board;

– 1 day = € 48.00 per participant per day including full board

Full board consists of: breakfast (milk, coffee, tea, cocoa and croissant stuffed), lunch and dinner with menu unique (No. 01 first, n. 01 seconds, n. 01 vegetables and fruit or dessert) with water at mealtimes .

– The Students per access in the CAMPUS ANAPIE have to buy the PASS € 7.00 (seven euro) which entitles them to a bracelet that allows recognition per access in the Campus (for security reasons). With PASS, you are entitled to free sports games on the campus and free access to the “School’s Party”.

Article 10 – Information

The initiative does not fall within the Comenius school projects, Socrates, Erasmus.

To ask questions send an e-mail in English and will be answered in the same language:;;

Il Presidente

dott. Matteo Gioiosa

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